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Hosting a graduation party, senior party or prom?

You've come to the right place! Make it a unique and exciting event! Get insider advice, creative ideas and a huge tent selection for planning your college or high school graduation party, senior party or prom.


Celebrate the highlight of your achievement with a grand graduation party. Whether it's a small get together or a large bash, its success is in the planning.


By choosing the right venue, you and your friends will feel accomplished and proud that your honor is being recognized in such a beautiful essence. With our large color scheme, we can match your alma maters colors despite how creative they can get. Please allow us to make your graduation party a dream come true!

Need graduation advice?

Jill Byerly, our experienced tent specialist and owner can meet you at your site to discuss your ideal tent size and make sure that your tent will fit in the space you are looking for.  If you have an awkward space or area for the tent, that’s no problem.  


We have erected our tents over top of decks, next to existing tents, over small trees and fountains, on rooftops and just about anywhere else you can think of.  Jill will be there to advise and make your tent guest-friendly with plenty of space for them to enjoy. FREE of charge! Call us now!

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If you are planning a graduation party, look no further. Byerly Tent Rental is proud to be at your service to make your educational milestone an event fit for a scholar.

Feel good about your diploma and your tent

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