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Hear ye, Hear ye! Gather around the wedding tent.

What makes a wedding beautiful? Sure, some would say thoughtful planning, enticing decor, gorgeous flowers, and all of these are true. However, it's the heart and soul behind the wedding which makes it successful.


The venue you choose to host your wedding will be the determining factor of its success. It is this belief which makes every effort for us here at Byerly. We want to create the best wedding you can imagine under our tents.


Constructing beautiful wedding tents using only professional quality American engineered and manufactured wedding tent structures, we can make the best of all the natural features to create a truly stylish and elegant space for your big day and evening entertainment. When it comes to layout, you can thrill your guests with a tent complex as opposed to just a single structure. Wow your wedding guests and choose Byerly Tent Rental.

 More tents. Less stress. 

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We want your special day to be a memorable one. Our specialization in tents maximizes the number of opportunities we have to create the wedding you have always envisioned.

You got a wedding? We got tents!

We know that wedding planning can be very stressful, so we try to ease your stress by providing wonderful wedding packages and providing impeccable service when it comes to renting our tents.


Every package is unique in its appeal and caters to many different tastes. Find out what tent you want to complement your wedding. Make your appointment now!

"Thank you so much for your timely and knowledgeable advice, your creative ideas and all you did to make my daughter's wedding party the success it was! You were friendly, helpful and reassuring. It turned out beautiful!!!! The tent just set the mood for a festive atmosphere."


-Dean Kampe, Danville, IL

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